Aloha! In 2015, The Department of Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, Treatment and Recovery Branch was awarded an $8 million dollars of federal grant money to develop and initiate a pilot program called The Hawai’i Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Program for 5 years. Since then, the HI SBIRT currently implements SBIRT in ten (10) primary care clinics located within two networks of primary care practices Pacific Medial Admin Group, Inc (PMAG) and East Hawai’i Independent Physician Association (East HIPA) and three (3) sites of a Federally-Qualified Health Center with Hawai’i Primary Care Associations. HI SBIRT has set-up a referral coordination services with the Hawai’i Substance Abuse Coalition to provide patient care coordination for all referrals from HI SBIRT Providers.
SBIRT is an innovative public health comprehensive approach to identifying people who are at-risk for Substance Use Disorders with the goals to implement early screening and deliver early intervention services and treatment. The primary goal of the HI SBIRT Program is to systematically screen risky behaviors, provide motivational interventions and make referral for appropriate care. This systematic goal aligns with the State of Hawaii’s Public Health Initiative Plan to:

  • Create a culture of Health throughout Hawai’i
  • Take Health to where people work, live and play
  • Invest in healthy babies and families.

Few of us, have a complete healthy lifestyle, but each day we can take a step closer to living a balanced and healthier life. SBIRT represents an innovative and evidence-based approach to improving public health with a variety of trained providers to successfully identify and intervene utilizing the SBIRT model. The goals of the project are to:

  • Implement SBIRT across the state health system to include the administration of universal screening to identify risk for substance use disorders and other major behavioral health issues. Centralize referral coordination component that will focus on receiving and coordinating referrals. This will allow for simplified and consistent referral practices and assists providers by having a single point of contact when referral is needed.
  • Expand health care efforts by the State Health Initiative Plan (SHIP).
  • Develop and expand state and community infrastructure to support universal and sustainable behavioral health screening throughout the state’s healthcare system. Provide training for providers and other health care staff in SBIRT Techniques. This will support workforce development throughout training of trainers (ToTs) as well as focusing on integration of SBIRT into practice workflows.